We help clients with a wide range of deals and projects.

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Cirque du soleil

Negotiated and consummated multi million dollar deal for the production of 8 different Cirque Du Soleil shows to be performed in four custom built theaters onboard MSC's newest cruise vessels. 


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private PORT DEVELOPMENT project

Assist client with creation of a brand new private destination including drafting and negotiating contracts for design and construction of new port destination project.


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marine aquatics project

Advise client on formation of new corporation focused on creating sustainable marine shark environments for human-shark interactive experiences.

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cruise ship construction project

Negotiate multi million dollar deal for construction of ultra high technology venues onboard multiple  cruise ships.

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Electronic registration project

Advise large resort on implementation of new electronic registration and waiver system.

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Advise client and assist with negotiations for multi million dollar  renovation of cruise terminal at PortMiami.

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Assist client in negotiation of multiple casino referral agreements aimed at increasing casino revenues.

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wedding referral agreement

Negotiate and finalize contract for custom destination weddings.

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Resort water safety project

Advise large Caribbean resort on implementation of new aquatics safety program for beaches and pools.