Five things that set us apart.

1.   Our People

Our people are our greatest asset.   We carefully recruit the best and brightest from the Nation's leading law schools and provide a rare work-life balance and sabbatical program than fosters attorney longevity.   While many firms churn through associates every year, on average our lawyers have practiced together for more than five years.   Our lawyers know you and know your business.

2.    Zero Law Firm Debt

In an era when many law firms borrow heavily to pay their partners during lean years or when starting their firms, we have zero debt.   Firms with debt are forced to mandate minimum billable hours from their personnel in order to meet their debt service - regardless whether the caseload justifies those hours or not.   We have zero debt and no minimum billable requirement for our lawyers.   When there is work to be done, we do it.  Clients are never billed for work that wasn't necessary.   

3.     Intelligent Technology

We use technology to make the practice of law more efficient and less costly.   All case documents and materials are stored in an online secure system that allows our lawyers instant access to important information anywhere and anytime.   We proudly use exclusively Apple computer products that are immune to most computer viruses and are more reliable and value driven than traditional PC's.  

4.    Cost Effective Office Space

Next time you step into a law office with a beautiful 360 degree view of the ocean, ask one simple question: who pays for this?  The answer is clients, of course.   We take a different approach.  Our offices are modern and efficient, but you will never find us on the top floor of an expensive office tower.   We control our internal costs in order to give clients value driven legal services at fair rates.

5.     A Focus on Client Service 

If you cannot reach your lawyer in an emergency, then even the best attorney is useless.  We focus on client service in everything we do.   All of our staff are available to our clients 24/7 and even our phone system has a unique emergency call system that enables emergency calls to simultaneously summon all of our attorneys nationwide.